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Visual artist, photographer and photo editor. In his works, he mainly focuses on the problems of politics, society, human and nature. Although he focuses on conceptual-fictional photography, he cannot give up documentary photography either.

He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Business Administration in 1988. He started actively taking photographs in 2006. He graduated from Anadolu University Photography and Cameraman Department in 2016.

His photographs have been published in various books and magazines. He has photographs exhibited in national and international competitions. In 2010, his personal exhibition titled "Living Istanbul", "Nature Resistance" (documentary) in 2011, and "Child Brides" (fictional) in 2013, were presented. He also participated in Istanbul Documentary Photography Days, AFSAD Violence Themed Exhibition and Marmaris Photography Festival with these works.

Between 2015-2019, he worked as a Member of the Board of Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association, as the Coordinator of the Education and Projects Unit, and as the instructor of Basic Photography Seminars. During this period, he was the Coordinator of the 24th and 25th International Istanbul Photography Days and took part in the Organizing Committee. He took part in many mixed photography projects. He took part both as a participant and as an Assistant Editor in documentary projects such as "The No Barriers", "World Peace Day", "World Human Rights Day", "Northern Forests". She contributed as an editor to the projects "Brains of Life" and "Photography in the Days of Corona", which are about violence against women.

He still lives and works in Istanbul. 

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