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Great Anatolian March (2011)

“Our planet, along with all living things, is facing an unprecedented destruction in history. The destruction of nature, which has emerged due to the current lifestyle of human beings based on excessive consumption, is rapidly advancing towards a point of no return. Every thirteen minutes, another species of life goes extinct on earth. Today's people see that the only way to exist is to produce and consume more than they need. This understanding turns all our living resources into commodities with an endless greed for profit based on the logic of domination over nature. The reflection of this system based on unlimited consumption in Turkey appears as a much more frightening picture. Now we have to make a choice: either we will destroy ourselves together with nature by continuing our consumption habits without borders, or we will choose a life in harmony with it.  saying; The caravans, which set off from different points of Anatolia on April 2, 2011, met in Gölbaşı on May 21, 2011.


There were people from different professions among the participants in the march. They stated that their aim was to be able to meet with the authorities in Ankara and make their voices heard in order to stop the practices that harm the nature.


They were not allowed to march into Ankara and make a press statement in Kurtuluş Park, due to the unauthorized nature of the march and security reasons. The group set up camps in Gölbaşı and METU Vişnelik for a while, gave information to interested NGOs about their marches, and organized events. Then they returned to their villages, towns, valleys.


This project consists of photographs of the Thrace-Marmara Caravan taken from Istanbul on 02.05.2011 until 28.05.2011.

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