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Water is very important for our survival. we all know that  Despite the fact that we are, our unending "needs" are causing climate change and water resources are being depleted rapidly.

In addition to our vital attachment to water, a landscape that also contains water relaxes us psychologically. Nature relieves stress, improves mood and increases mental performance.

There are scientists who say that they are doing research on the fact that there are crystals in it and that these crystals keep information in its memory. Although it has not been fully proven yet, they say that there are four hundred thousand information cells in the memory cell of water, and that the exchange of information between cells is thanks to water.

In both creative dreams and scientific reality, water recreates, separates and binds. This binding starts life. In mythology, gods and goddesses related to water have always existed in different civilizations. Although its narratives and importance are different, water symbolizes vitality in the rituals of many societies.  

When you get close to the water and focus on the details, as it plays with the light, it responds to you with miraculous pictorial images, reflecting what it has recorded in its memory. you feel how strong it is

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